"I was there, man!" is a family safe community of people that want to share and read real stories of those great experiences and fantastic places that shaped us all.

This is about passing along culture, philosophies and attitudes, done with a little bit of that hippie flair. This community is about independence and helping each other help themselves. This is a place to recommend concerts, festivals, places to visit, craftspeople, artists, musicians and anything else that makes life more fun.

Readers will learn about events from a different perspective, from someone that was there when it happened.

The nineteen sixties were very interesting times and we want to hear stories from then. However we welcome stories from any time period or place. We are looking for stories that really happened as described from someone that was there. Posting pictures will help us and is encouraged.

Please join us and participate. Feedback from community members is encouraged. Tell us your story. Registration is not required. Postings are moderated to maintain a site friendly for readers of all ages and backgrounds. Postings that are accepted get rated by the community.